Thankful Heart

I haven’t been able to post much lately because I’ve been so busy with all of your amazing requests for Christmas cards, family pictures, and printables! Thank you all so, so much for not only letting me do my thing that I love to do but for also your support to help bring baby B home! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything!!! Also my Pampered Chef party closed this weekend and completely blew my mind with how many orders we received! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!


In the meantime, we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families. Every year I have a lot to be thankful for but this year was extra special to me – I sat back and enjoyed every moment of it instead of feeling the emptiness that something was missing. Our families were all together, everyone was healthy, and we had plenty of food to go around the beautiful, warm houses we were in. I am so thankful for all of my many, many blessings – past, present, and future! Thanksgiving is something that I think we need more than once a year to remind us to appreciate all of the things we have in our lives, or maybe the spirit of Thanksgiving can continue on in our day to day lives without letting the busyness of life crowd our hearts!

Last minute decision to run the local Turkey Trot this year with my sister-in-laws Thanksgiving morning.
Last minute decision to run the local Turkey Trot this year with my sisters-in-law Thanksgiving morning.

Our adoption home study is moving right along. I have been working hard on our profile book – a book about ourselves, our lives, our families, and our dreams that will be presented to birth parents. I am one final check away from ordering it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out once it’s printed! It’s really hard to summarize your journey down to one book but I think it really shows who we are both individually and as a family.

We also got our MMPI results back last night and had our individual interviews. The weird thing about the MMPI is it asks true/false questions like “I would like to be a florist.” “I feel like the world is out to get me.” “I would like to be an auto-mechanic.” (567 random questions like that…) but the results ended up being pretty close to our personalities. It breaks down your personality by certain traits and compares you to a group of people who scored similarly. It was interesting! I am glad that it’s one more thing checked off our list though.


Our individual interviews seemed to go well too! We talked a lot about my childhood, David, our marriage, and past experiences. Our social worker seemed to enjoy these as well since David and I have known each other for so long, she chuckled at times knowing what the other had said.

Found this photo when I was searching for photos for our book (I didn’t include this one…) but look at those babies! We look so young! (we were so young!)

We have one more interview, our in-home interview, and we will just be waiting for our fingerprints to get processed. I do have to say the home study was NOT at all what I expected – I had read that it was pretty in depth, scary, involved, and piles after piles of paperwork. I think our social worker rocks because she’s made it go very smooth and painless for us!


Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for full out Christmas! Last year we were getting ready for our trip – I was in Christmas mode way before Thanksgiving and then once we came back from our trip it was hard to get back into the spirit of Christmas (it’s called Iowa Vacation Blues and it’s a real thing – when you leave somewhere warm and return to a blizzard) but this year, my tree still isn’t up! This is the latest for me, ever. I think mostly because I’m trying to figure out a way to keep Bentley from the bottom 2 feet of it (3 if he gets some air when jumping)…



3 thoughts on “Thankful Heart

  1. I can’t believe how close you are to completing your adoption paperwork and getting your book in front of prospective birth mothers!! I’m so thrilled for you and cannot wait for the right one to find you ❤ loved the update!! ~XOXO P


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