And we have snow!

A few weeks late and my heart was really aching for spring already but if it’s going to be cold, bring on the snow!

My life after our home study has been pretty normal! We have been keeping busy – David with hockey, me with creating new things, and Bentley with learning new tricks! B is the easiest dog ever to train tricks to. He has mastered sit, stay, and ‘sit pretty’ which is where he sits up with his paws up (Gizmo did this beautifully also!) – all for cheerios. Unfortunately he hasn’t quite picked up on the ‘don’t bite your mama’s toes’ command but I think he’s more distracted by wanting to play 24/7 than anything! And it works; it most definitely gets my attention.

I fell in love with these pendant necklaces when I saw something similar come across my Instagram and instantly knew I wanted to make one for a friend who I felt needed a little glimmer of inspiration hanging around her neck. I learned how to make them and got all of the supplies and of course made myself one too! I posted a photo of these 2 necklaces on my Facebook page and was blown away with how many other people really liked them too!


What I love the most about them is that they are very personal and inspirational, in my eyes, those are the pieces of jewelry that hold the most value. My most favorite ones are the Bible page verses – I think the little zoomed in snippet of a verse someone picks is really special, they know what the verse is and what it stands for in their life and it’s a constant reminder as they carry it close to their heart throughout the day. I’ve had a few requests for different quotes so I have also designed some myself.


For now, focusing on creating things I enjoy is really helping me get through not only this time of waiting but also the blues of winter! I also hope to get some fun new Valentine’s Day prints in my Etsy shop.

Also this week – the Bachelor started. I was extra excited for this season because a lot of the near-the-end scenes were filmed here! Nope I do not live on an organic alfalfa farm. David got stuck watching it with me but was quickly sucked in as we laughed through meeting the girls. I could tell a few things were ‘staged’ but I’m pretty sure the people casting didn’t care what girls would be best matched with Chris but more so based on:

Lack of common sense
Did I list craziness?

Either way, I’ll keep watching! Hello reality TV at its finest! But maybe I’m just 80/40 – 😉 Did anyone else catch that?

I’m also watching Parenthood. Shout out to anyone who loves that show! I am hooked. It definitely doesn’t touch my New Girl love but it’s right behind it. There’s been more than once I’ve had tears in my eyes or let out a little giggle. I love the actors and I love the family dynamics!

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!


2 thoughts on “And we have snow!

  1. Just had to comment on the 80/40 thing, totally caught that lol!!! I’m so glad you’re getting sucked in just like me, now I don’t feel so bad hehe 😉 Just love your necklaces, I’ll share them on my FB page soon!! ~xoxo P


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