My heart is nesting, majorly. Though we have no ‘due date’ and no word on the adoption front, I’m feeling the effects of excitement, hope, and anticipation. My sweet friend and coworker gave us her children’s crib and changing table/dresser about a month ago and it’s been sitting in our house ever since. It makes me smile big time, it’s made all of this feel that much more real. It’s a beautiful set and I am so, so grateful she offered it to us to hopefully be used someday!

**Just a funny side not that the crib is in pieces, if anyone wants some good entertainment – I can call you to come over the day that David has to try putting it together…

I’ve went back and forth a lot on this topic – of getting the nursery ready. Is it a good idea or not a good idea? Sometimes I feel like I’m back to my childhood days of playing house with my dolls and stuffed animals – feeling like it’s all a dream and I’m playing pretend – but that’s not necessarily a bad feeling, it’s just a this isn’t yet real feeling. Most days, though, it feels like a really, really good idea! I feel like having the crib in our house reminds me that this will happen. Our dreams already are coming true and though we don’t know the when, the crib has given me more hope than I thought it would – hope when my arms are feeling empty but my heart still feels full.

I have more than 3 years’ worth of nursery pins on Pinterest to sort through to see what route I want to go with decorating but I think I’m going to take it day by day, step by step. If it starts to get too hard, I’ll back off. We keep that door shut to that room so it’s not in my face unless I want it to be. I truly believe that it really is up to each person in an adoption on whether to get the nursery ready or not and I don’t think I want an all or nothing on this one. I think just having the crib in our house has made the bonding grow and when we could only be given a moment’s notice – I want to at least have things started. So we’ll see! So far we are doing other things around the house that we waited on doing but need to get done before we can feel ready.

My other sweet friend and coworker (I have the best coworkers!) came over last weekend and helped me paint our storage room in the basement so our spare bed can be moved down there (out of the nursery). We also have some carpet ordered for our basement to replace the original 70’s stuff that’s down there now – David made it clear he didn’t want to move the guest bed twice so it’s a nice push to get that done. I’ve also been a de-cluttering fool and have taken full advantage of our community’s Facebook garage sale site to get rid of some stuff we no longer have room for, use, or need. I’d say I’m definitely nesting. And it’s a great feeling!


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