Spring Favorites

I am a HUGE lover of ‘the in-between seasons’ like spring and fall. There is just something about the change and all of the great things ahead that those seasons bring to me, my life, and my mood. Spring is a season for me of renewal and refreshing. I’m not a huge lover of cleaning but always get the itch to clean, organize (David will laugh when he reads that part…he’s the organizer in our lives but a girl can dream!), and start things that have been on my list to do. I also love the days where the sun is warm and the breeze is cool. And don’t deny you, too, love walking through the isles at Target seeing all of the bright spring pastels! If Target doesn’t give you that feeling, open up a new tab for Pinterest and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. so.much.loveliness. Here are a few of my favorite things right now as we go into this wonderful time of the year!

  • THIS carrot cake recipe. I made it last year when I was trying a gluten free diet while healing from my endometriosis surgery. Though I am no longer following that, this is still a favorite of mine that I am looking forward to baking again for Easter this year. Everyone seemed to love it, including my Dad who is hard to please when it comes to sweets as he often says things are too sweet (is that possible!?). It’s a dessert that will give you a touch of sweetness without making you feel about to burst into a million pieces full. *The coconut whipped frosting is delicious!! IMG_20140420_132726
  • Young Living Essential Oils. I am digging into the crazy, slightly overwhelming, world of essential oils. Thanks to an amazing, seriously amazing, kindness and generosity of a friend/yoga teacher/inspirational woman in my life, I am now a distributor and have the premium starter kit. I am learning more every day and hoping to share some amazing benefits as I go along! (If you are interested in learning with me, email me at nestingheart@gmail.com) IMG_20150401_121939
  • Detox baths. I had a little bit of a skin irritation last week and my beautiful NP friend told me to try taking a baking soda/hot water bath 2 times a day. I also added Epsom salt as I always do to my baths – this was a habit when I was running a lot of miles each week to help my feet and knees to recover. I also added 5-10 drops of either lemon or lavender oil depending what time of the day it was. After about 3 days of this regimen my skin irritation is almost completely gone – these ingredients are considered a detox bath to rid the body of toxins, similar to a diet-cleanse. I have been feeling really good and will continue to have these a part of my life! It really is crazy all of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis so I think it’s great to do what we can do rid ourselves of it as often as we can. More info here and here.
  • I Am They. I love Spotify because I can discover all sorts of new music and bands. As I have probably said before, I love all kinds of different music and will often jump from Christian to Rap to Country to Rock…all over the place. I Am They is a Christian band but really reminds me of bands like Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry. They have a good sound to them and I am loving their song Amen. Check them out. IMG_20150401_100036
  • My very well-mannered puppy. Bentley has officially completed his 2 week training. He is doing amazing! We have to keep attention on continuing the new habits and manners at home so he knows we have high expectations of him still but I can’t say enough about our choice to put him through the training. The trainers were so awesome, we learned a lot, and Bentley’s smart little brain caught right on and he’s continuing to impress us. 10686631_10153713052946040_3696977594408107920_n I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter. Hopefully you will be busy enjoying some sunshine, family time, worship time, and a good egg hunt!

One thought on “Spring Favorites

  1. I LOVE rose oil in my bath water! Not only does it smell amazing, it has so many skin, intestinal, and hormonal benefits you could never go wrong!


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