Life with 3 under 1

A huge question we have been getting is how are things going with having 3 under 1 year old. Well, lets just say the word chaos is used often by David and I.

The most beautiful, perfect, sometimes pull your hair out and brew another cup of coffee with the hopes the Keurig magically has a kahlua shot dispenser, amazing chaos.

In all honesty though, it’s going really good! The twins go to daycare 4 of the 5 days of the week to keep them on a schedule, give me a break to focus on recovery, nursing, rest, and Evan snuggles. I had a hard time coming to terms with this because I got cut short on my maternity leave with Aria and Myles and wanted to make up for it this time around but after Wednesdays pass, I am thankful for our amazing daycare provider and all of the love and fun she provides for Aria and Myles. It truly makes me a better mom and I can not wait until 5:00 rolls around each day, feeling rested and ready! Wednesdays my mom has been coming over to help so I can spend one extra day with them during the week. This week has gone much better than last (both Wednesday and the weekends) as we all figure this family of 5 out, together.


Myles started to crawl this past weekend and has quickly picked up speed. He’s such a strong boy (and with just finishing another round of antibiotics and a steroid for wheezing lungs…) he’s more spunky and full of force than ever. He’s also taken up a new nickname by his Aunt Sue that we’ve been using on a daily basis now – BamBam. That kid is going to do amazing things! Which surely will include reaching my back-of-the-cupboard-up-too-high spice cabinet and moving furniture for his mom, probably all by the time he’s 5! 


Myles and Bentley are crazy good friends. Bentley brings Myles his toys and they play tug of war, Myles belly laughs til we cry, and now with Myles moving, he chases Bentley as well. It wears the puppy out of him and it’s so fun to see the two of them love on each other! I promise you someday our bed will be traded for Myles’.


Aria is the best big sister ever. If Evan makes even the smallest noise, she’s right there to check on him. Unfortunately the hardest part right now with 3 under 1 is that the twins don’t understand the phrase “be gentle” or “be nice”. We are working on it but keeping Evan away and safe can be a full time job sometimes! Whenever I am holding Evan, Aria comes over, pulls herself up, and gives him a big open mouthed kiss on the top of the head while his hair tickles her cheek and she laughs. It’s the sweetest.


We got lucky, times 3, with yet another great baby! Evan came down with a decently high fever for how tiny he is, tons of congestion, and goopy eyes which led us into the Dr. this past Monday for tests, an X-ray (terrified mama: go ahead, Google baby x-ray – the gizmo they perform these with looks like a mix of a drive-up bank canister tube and a blender with a 2 week old shoved into it), and more tests. He has parainfluenza which is a fancy word for a really bad cold. It was pretty inevitable with how this winter has been for our family…praying next winter is a breeze around here!

Lastly, I’m pretty sure we have a personalized pile at the landfill for the mounds of diapers we produce daily. Mounds.


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