Sweet Summertime

Oh sweet summer, you have been good to us! In June we moved and although packing and then unpacking was overwhelming, we had lots of family and friends that helped make things go a whole lot easier! We are now all settled in…except my bare walls…and the kids all adjusted seamlessly.

Our new neighborhood has 2 schools with playgrounds as well as a small park, all within walking distance. Although we had a park in our old neighborhood, it wasn’t near as close as the ones are now.

While David golfed one Sunday morning, I got brave and took all 3 kids and Bentley for a walk and to the park….after a decent nighttime rain. Aria and Myles were playing so good as I watched from the stroller in the shade where Evan napped and Bentley cooled off. Aria, in her adorable white tank top, came up to show me the handful of pea gravel she had from the playground. Along with that pea gravel was a handful of mud, mud caked on her white shirt, sandals, forehead, and hair. I went to gather Myles to head home to get cleaned up and he had it in all of the same places, with the addition of in between his upper front teeth…

On the walk back home, I wondered if it’d be better to give them a bath or just put their swim suits on in the front yard and let them play in the pool (which would double as a good enough for now bath). By unanimous vote…the pool it is!


Myles loves playing in the water….as long as it’s on his terms, at the perfect temperature. A degree too cold and he grumps out majorly.


Aria’s definitely our little fish. We are certain she thinks the world sounds better under the water than it does above. She loved baths…until I had the great idea one night to put bubble bath in their tub to make it a little more fun and neither her nor Myles would sit in the water as they both cried, David and I did our best to dissolve the bubbles at record pace so we could resume to bathe them.


And little Evan, who is now 6 months old! That smile is permanently on his face (minus a few instances of ear infection/eczema/colds) – and even with all of that, he still is the happiest, giggliest guy around. He has learned to splash from watching his brother and sister, and if they are near him – nothing else in the world matters.


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