The year of the jet plane

Time flies…and not just at the speed of a bird peacefully gliding along but as a jet plane propelling ahead faster than the speed of sound. That’s my life right now.


And that has caused me some major anxiety.

It’s funny when you are a child growing up, time can’t go fast enough. You wish the days away until the next fun event, until you are bigger, until you have more independence, constantly wishing for the future to arrive. Eager.

I am sure that my parents felt this same anxiety as I was wishing to grow up faster and they were wishing to keep me their baby forever, just as I am today.

These are the days I wished for, and if I could press pause, I would. Repeatedly.

I constantly feel like it’s running through my hands like sand.

And just like that, I blinked and we are now approaching Evan’s first birthday.

2016, I loved you but you went far, far too fast for me!

Here’s a recap of our year:

  • We rung in 2016 with the twins and one on the way.
  • Evan was born on a very cold January day.
  • In June, we moved to a new home.
  • The twins grew into little toddlers!
  • We enjoyed summer playing at the park and going for stroller rides.
  • Evan started walking at 10 1/2 months old so he could keep up with his siblings.
  • Aria started talking more and more and has become miss independent.
  • Myles perfected his jumping skills and prefers to jump everywhere.




Cheers to a wonderful (and hopefully slower) 2017!



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