5 Months Going On 12

Aria and Myles are just over 5 months old and are growing like crazy! I miss my itty babies but each phase has been more and more fun as their personalities burst at the seams…as well as their clothes. At their 4 month appointment, Myles was 20 pounds and Aria was only one pound behind. They are both super long also and we outgrow footie pajamas faster than we can get to the store to buy more!

Aria has her first tooth and rolled over last week from her back to her belly. She loves the act of rolling but isn’t a fan of getting stuck on her belly. She has a smile that makes her eyes sparkle and has suddenly busted out some creepy, yet hilarious, zombie growls. She can sit up on her own fairly well but does enjoy a good game of ‘throw myself back as someone catches me, every.single.time, and giggle.” She is a great sleeper and we’ve noticed she likes to grab a lock of her hair while she sleeps.



Myles surprisingly doesn’t have any teeth popped through yet but his perfectly mapped out, defined under the gums, teeth appear to be ready at any moment! He rolled from his back to his belly last week and I’m sure before we can believe it, he’ll be crawling. Myles’ gummy smile and his right eyebrow that he raises at us quite often, tell me he’s going to have such a vibrant, hilarious sense of humor. He loves to run in place and if his sister is close to him – he’ll grab a hold of her, her toy, her hair, her clothes, or her hand. This kid loves to eat and especially loves his rice cereal and so far peas and sweet potatoes.


Baby #3 is also doing great! Growing right on track and had his/her first photos taken last week. We are excited, still a bit shocked and nervous, but now that I’m feeling lots of movements and starting to show, it’s becoming less of a dream and more of a reality. Our 3 musketeers are going to have so much fun someday!


David and I are doing really good. I’ve recently started a new job that has been going really well and David turned 30 last weekend! And we could still go on for days about how thankful and blessed we are. My heart is so full that most days I still can’t believe our lives.